Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

On a late evening in Fall 1996, the founder of "Healing Hands" is in the hospital with his young daughter. She was nervous about her situation. He noticed that the other children in the waiting room had absolutely nothing to do while waiting to be treated. This precious time being wasted could be spent sustaining their minds.

Already a success in the publishing industry, the idea occurred to him that the children could benefit tremendously from a booklet which is filled with stimulating activities while they’re in the waiting room. After speaking with hospital staff in the area and receiving very positive reaction to such a project, the idea was coming to life.

The concept was to allow the local business community to support the children and hospitals in their community. By placing a label with their company's information on the cover of each booklet they donated. This presented to the hospital, children and their families who made this wonderful gift possible.

Initially, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. During the first year of production we received hundreds of letters from Hospitals all across Canada informing us of the immense value of the booklet. We were told repeatedly how the child's eyes would light up while receiving the booklet and how they sincerely cherished the games, activities, puzzles, short stories and valuable health and welfare information.

20 years later and the project is still going strong. The books are produced and distributed to over 5000 hospitals and health care units all across Canada. We are very proud to provide this booklet and we are even more proud of the businesses who have supported all these years.

It is the business community who ultimately makes this possible. The children and families will be forever be thankful to them. From everyone at Number 1 Books we also would like to thank you for considering to be a part of such an a impactful project.

Steven Ramirez

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